Savour the refined taste of gold 

A Taste of luxury

How to drink it

Au Gold Cocktails and Shooters

In its country of origin, Russia; vodka is also known as “bread wine” for it was commonly enjoyed while breaking bread with comrades and Au Gold Vodka is best enjoyed how it was originally intended, over a meal with friends and family.



Au Gold Vodka may be enjoyed neat, served chilled or at room temperature in a tall shot glass or in an old fashioned glass.

On the rocks

Au Gold Vodka may also be enjoyed on the rocks, served in a Collins glass or an old fashioned.





Vodka, single

The short shot glass holds a single shot of vodka. It is a winner with party-goers keen on getting the party started. Line them up and knock them back with friends and enjoy the night, responsibly.


Vodka, double

The tall short glass holds a double shot of vodka and is best suited for enjoying cocktail foods with friends.




Shaken or Stirred

Au Gold Vodka is the perfect ingredient for any and all cocktails, whether it’s a bloody Mary, Russian brunch or a vodka martini, shaken or stirred Au Gold Vodka will transform your favourite cocktail to a nectar fit for pharaohs.


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