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everything that glitters and more.. a nectar fit for randlords

The city of gold - A natural Inspiration

Johannesburg, South Africa was established in 1886 when prospectors found gold in the area now known as the Witwatersrand. When the discovery became public, thousands flocked here in search of fortune and new opportunities. Today, Johannesburg still attracts those who want to realise their dreams and achieve success.

The new city was named after two officials of the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR); Johannes Meyer and Johannes Rissik. As a result of the gold-rush attracting individuals from all corners of the country, all cultures and walks of life the city became what can only be characterized as ground-zero of the rainbow nation project, consequently today Johannesburg is an authentic microcosm of South Africa, a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities and societies. The land of promise – the city of gold.

Au Gold Vodka, a toast to the city of gold. A vodka drink celebrating the city of Johannesburg, South Africa’s rich history, diversity, vibrancy, achievements, and its recognition as a world-class proudly African city.

Much like the city, Au Gold Vodka is a lot of things to a lot of people; the artists muse, the professionals’ incentive, the underdog’s spirit and to the tourist, a souvenir drink – a piece of the city to take home, a fine fresh world-class vodka drink


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