The Origins of vodka in South Africa - AU GOLD DISTILLERY blog

its arrival on our shores..

In the hopes of dazzling everyone with vodka trivia, I spent the greater part of yesterday scouring the net for evidence telling on how vodka landed on our shores.

Imagining it to have happened in a “message in a bottle” fashion except there was no message, just vodka. Which can also be interpreted as a message from the gods reminding us of their love. If it’s not a case of soviet sailors losing their voyage vodka reserves in the midst of a perfect storm and ocean currents washing it up on our shores – again, the gods invisible hand providing-- then I expected to find tales of how it was smuggled into the country by Soviet expats walking away (I feel like fleeing is too dramatic, besides I doubt soviet vodka drinkers have the tendency to flee.. from anything) from the system. But no, nothing. I went down the rabbit whole and came up empty handed, not even whispers of Russian dignitaries sweetening deals with our former government with vodka (they may have tried and failed, I believe our former government preferred brandy), it could also have been during the second world war which our nation took part in. okay now I am just speculating, not to say I wasn’t before. Now just let me finish the thought – SADF troops sharing barracks with the allies in some remote strategic base and among them are soviet troops, troops who also brought along some liquid courage, sharing war stories in a vodka fuelled nostalgia. The Nazi and their allies are defeated, and our boys are on their way back home with battle scars and vodka.

When I get a moment to myself I will chase down these leads and try find the man to whom we owe our eternal thanks… in the meantime, if you consider yourself knowledgeable on the matter and have a more credible take on the arrival of vodka on our shores, please do share… ‘til next time