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handcraft meets technology

The resurgence of craft distillers in South Africa and around the world but particularly here at home has filled me with great excitement for the future. You might expect this very resurgence to unnerve someone in my position, considering the possible threat it will pose to my business and in turn my livelihood but if our vodka is as good as we say it is then we don’t have much to worry about now do we, I believe we would be alright. There are quite a number of inherent factors that would mitigate and temper down the possible threat, much like how the advent of instant coffee and table-top coffee makers have not entirely done away with coffee shops

For a moment, allow yourself to dream with me… it’s the year 2036 of our lord, and in households across the country, on table-tops in the kitchens, right next to the coffee maker sits a miniature still, yes a still. How awesome would that be?! Well apparently the Swedish or is it the Swiss, one of these privileged countries is apparently living our dream and have been for some time, now imagine that. However the technology is so rudimentary, it doesn’t allow for much tailoring of the distillate so back to the year 2036 of our lord, where the technology has been dramatically improved and at the press of a button you can get a pint of gin (yes, blended to 30% alc) or a pint of vodka also blended to 43%


I know what you’re most likely thinking or rather what you’re picturing; the infamous years of London from which Gin earned its stripes, a nation of sailors that have never cast a mast. Yes that is a rather grim side of the coin. However I believe, now that the novelty of the spirits has worn off we stand a better chance. I mean, granted with the technology itself now (read; then) being a novelty, we can anticipate excitement fuelled binge drinking but after a quarter or so, this too will pass. This would also help negotiate the price of commercial alcohol so even if you do not own one of these heaven sent gadgets, you may also very well benefit from their mere existence.


I think once I have enough money to afford the research and development, I will start investing in blessing the world with the smart-still. You’re welcome.


Just as I thought I had finished penning this article, I visited the inter-webs for some research and amazing enough I learnt that there is a company in the Sometimes United States of America that is currently manufacturing and selling a home - craft beer - brewing apparatus, I think the company is called PicoBrew. The apparatus is rather neat and, seems to be a well-designed and a highly functional piece of art, it is like a Nespresso coffee maker for craft beer. I believe the smart still is not as far off as I had initially thought.